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Getting Ready for Success:  

Media Coverage When It Counts!


Why do you need a media kit?       A.Introduction with Impact!

Getting booked as a guest on radio, television, or newspaper interview isn’t as hard as many small businesses think. In fact, when the approach to a producer or journalist has the right elements working together, you could be just the solution to a problem on that show producer’s to-do list.

So why aren’t you moving forward?

The Problem: A lot of small business owners (and non-profits) think that you have to go to incredible lengths to get booked on shows or be featured in print/digital interviews. You don’t.

Executives and professionals are often too busy doing their jobs they don’t see other ways they need to ‘create leverage’ to negotiate for things they may need in future. In fact, ‘external leverage’ through your own personal mastery of your community visibility is low-hanging fruit that you should stop overlooking today. 

How? A media kit that nails it! A media kit is a visual roadmap of your business, product, event, product or ministry efforts that can be shared with journalists, radio and television producers, and in the emerging landscape of popular podcasts and online tribes and communities.

Join “Our Getting Ready for Success” Webinar as we reveal all 10 Tips to Creating a Killer Media Kit and train you for success!


What you learn in this FREE webinar will definitely propel you to getting ready for success including:

  • 3 Most Important Things for a Show/Guest Booker
  • 2 Types of Media Kits that Get You Noticed
  • 10 Tips on How to Build Your Media Kit
  • Want to Know How to Find the Show That’s Right for You?
  • #1 Mistake that Will Prevent Your Success and how to Make Absolute Certain that You NEVER Make it Again


Our experience shows a great media kit is an investment that shows you are ready for the brand and public relations playing field.

Once this reality is embraced, the question is whether to hire someone to create your media kit or do-it-yourself. Many executives and professionals don’t always recognize the leverage of this kind of tool in their career plan leadership. Many entrepreneurs, authors, or small business leaders try to “get by” with whatever they design themselves after copying others (because hey, money can be tight!) . BUT, but our experience shows this media kit tool can change the lost direction people sometimes find themselves because it helps you get outside of yourself in a way that you can make a difference for others. In making a difference for others, it gives a new sense of personal power.  In fact, whether the interview comes or not, the sense of preparation and accomplishment from having this media kit tool helps strengthen people’s belief in the potential (and realization of their own success). 


You don’t have to choose between affordable and amazing.

With the Magnificent PR media kit toolbox, you can have both and you have options for your time and your budget.

Option 1:  Introduction One-Page Media Template:  Try It for Only $7!  

This is the Magnificent PR One-Page WORD Template. You save $40 right now and get maximum flexibility! (normally $47). it’s our super sharp one-page/starter media kit introduction template. It’s totally flexible in WORD that you can create NOW and update whenever you want – no designer necessary.

If you’ve ever tried to build a custom word document with boxes and blocks, then you know it’s simply not that easy. It’s time-consuming and frustration is likely to happen.

If you’ve never tried it, why even give yourself this frustration?

Get our Introduction template and then you’ll be ready to respond when opportunity knocks.

  • Opportunity could be a radio or podcast segment.
  • Opportunity could be a local church or chamber meeting wanting an expert to come to their event!
  • Opportunity could be positive leverage for those on the job who can showcase added reputation to their company branding through positive public relations for community or cause.

  1. After your purchase, you’ll receive an email with a downloadable file. You can get started right away!
  2. The download you receive will include a word-based template that allows you to cut and paste your logo, images and add text in a SUPER easy way.


Option 2: ‘Branding Your Best’ Full Media Kit in a WORD Template!

Just $27 (normally $77) for a totally customizable media kit in WORD that you can create NOW! Update whenever you want – make changes necessary. You save $50 and get maximum flexibility!

This Magnificent PR media kit template gives you the freedom to mix/match and adjust the building blocks of a great media kit in a WORD template. EVERYONE CAN USE WORD! Your purchase gives you all the pages of a full media kit that can be adjusted for your goals. It’s also flexible if you have some of the building blocks but not others. Use the ones that work to convey what you offer to media for your brand or project. Delete the ones that you don’t need. Net, you’ll have a professional picture. 

  1. Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email with a downloadable file. You can get started right away!
  2. The download you receive will include a word-based template that allows you to cut and paste your logo, images and add text in a SUPER easy way. You can add testimonials, cities, and previous media/station experience.
  3. This full template powers YOU up to add the content that makes a positive and powerful impact!
  4. Once you have all your materials, you could pull your media kit together in as little as an hour.
  5. You can also have your graphic design team make any design adjustments but this approach is a significant savings versus hiring our public relations team if that’s not in the budget right now. (Hey, we get it! We’ve all been there at one point or another in our business when the budget was too tight for words). Of course, if you need our team to pull together your media kit because you just don’t have time, please feel free to take advantage of our custom media kit service here. We would be honored to do it!


Option 3: Hire Our PR Team for a one time service

Immediate chance to input and takes only 2 weeks to complete

This is the Hassle-Free Option for the Busy Executive, Entrepreneur, Person

  1. After you purchase, our professionals schedule a short interview!
  2. You send whatever existing materials, photos, etc. to our support team
  3. In 3-5 business days, our pro team creates first draft of your media kit including your story, your look and insights from other public information and competitive bench-marking in your niche area (if needed).
  4. You’ll then receive your first view of your media kit. We get your feedback via phone and/or email, make revisions. You’re ready to go! Our business professional and executive women love this option because they are always ready!

MEDIA LIST. Don’t have one? You can buy ours here and use it as a starting point in your success plan. Learn more here

Media Coaching Services for Radio, TV, & Podcasts

If you’re not familiar with being a media guest, and need coaching? We offer single or package services to get you over the finish line. Our media coaches are experienced in the ‘flash’ and the ‘business’ of maximizing your pursuit of media bookings as part of your brand or business. Our coaches are major media alumni from The Oprah Show, Top 10 Radio in major markets as well as top motivational power brand personas.

  1. Single Power Session
  2. Package Sessions
  3. Live Seminars

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