PR Lessons: Changing a Bad Situation to New Possibilities



New Mavs CEO Cynthia Marshall, faced a toxic workplace in an extremely high profile environment of excellence. The problem was that level of excellence wasn’t transparent across all the environments. As her leadership has emerged, here are just a few nuggets worthy of consideration in many workplaces.

  • Own the Mistakes But Move Forward
    Bring  transparency by allowing outside investigators full access to staff and other materials, Be willing to release the results. Recommend making values clear by formulating a 100-day plan. Share it with staff and customers too if needed. 


  • Create Supportive Communities for Employees
    Groups for people such as new parents, people of color, LGBTQ employees, and other subsets of the staff are a way to foster trust among employees. Allow participation to happen organically. 


  • Make the New Values Clear
    Make the values come to life visually. Engage an artist if needed to paint the mantras on walls or re-work the office layout. 


  • Don’t Be Afraid to Admit Weaknesses or Ask for Help
    If your leadership is emerging in a new industry, don’t be afraid to ask others to help you learn the soft spots. Marshall did this as she learned the Mavericks’ roster and also relied on employees to teach her the sports business.


  • Invest in the Undervalued
    Rising Stars are often just below the spotlight. Look for them and invest in their possibilities including correcting pay imbalances.





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